Paritech is currently testing the next release of Pulse which has significant changes in how Index ETOs are displayed and traded in Pulse.

Currently there are a few inconsistencies in Pulse when displaying Index based ETO prices. In most places they are displayed as Points however in a few places they are displayed in Click Dollar units.

The upcoming release will resolves these inconsistencies and also allows you to choose whether you want to display the prices for Index ETOs in Points or (Click) Dollars. This choice affects all screens where Index ETOs are displayed or used; including Depth, Charts, Orders, Authorisation, Order Pad and others.

This change also requires a server upgrade. Users who use Index ETOs MUST upgrade their Pulse before the servers are upgraded. You can upgrade your Pulse before the servers are upgraded. The new Pulse will behave the same as the current Pulse before the servers are upgraded but will have this new functionality after the servers are upgraded.

After the servers are upgraded, earlier versions of Pulse may not display the prices of Index ETOs correctly in some circumstances.

If you do NOT use Index ETOs, your current Pulse will continue to work correctly and you do NOT need to upgrade.

More information (including availability and upgrade dates) will be provided shortly.

Regards, Paul